Clean Time

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  1. Perry L says:

    I move to Lakeland in September of 2018.
    Right away I found a meeting 1 mile from my
    mothers house were I am living. The name of
    the group is , “FREEDOM OF CHOICE”…
    The group members had welcomed me with open arms
    I felt comfortable there within a tight group of
    people whom are all from different parts of the states.

    in October of 2018 I had became a member of the group and
    have missed no more then 5 meetings since I started to attend.
    I do my service work by setting up the room, making coffee and
    welcoming people with open arms as was with me.

    Perry L.

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  2. Shannon C. says:

    Thank you again for welcoming me into the Lakeland NA Meetings!! Looking forward to moving back to Lakeland in a few weeks.


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