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  1. the meeting has changed location on Friday in Zephyrhills the new location is
    6th Ave. between 10th street and 11th street
    (there is no house number)
    please correct on meeting list
    stan r

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  2. The Friday night Candlelight from 9 to 10 at 220 West Beacon Road when you click on the map it takes you out South to a totally different address from 220 West Beacon Road could you let me know exactly where the meeting is it is it on Beacon Road or is it the coordinates of the map takes you to thank you

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  3. Scott K. says:

    To webmaster: For the “Take it Easy” meeting on Thur. at 8:30 you listed “potluck 2nd Tues 7pm.” Could you list that on the Tues. meeting post? I would appreciate it.

    Thanks, Scott K.

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